Last year I moved abroad and left Edinburgh Underground on a shelf. During this break I began to realise that Edinburgh, a city so vibrant in arts, politics, science and culture; didn’t have a podcast.

Podcasts are growing in popularity; so you would think a city like Edinburgh would be at the forefront. Edinburgh hosts the biggest arts festival in Europe, and that’s pretty much the only time you’ll hear a podcast in the city.

I want that to change.

So, why me? Why should I be asking you to come and be interviewed for a podcast?

Not only have I been obsessed with the history and culture of Edinburgh; but I know how important this city is to it’s citizens. I come from a healthcare background where I spent a lot of my time talking to patients and locals about their lives and their families. I loved finding out about people and I also found a lot of inspiration in their stories.

Today, people seem a little lost (I am no exception as I am the most unsettled person I know). The stories I heard inspired me to change my life and just to challenge myself to do the things I want from it.

As a result, I quit my old job and I’m not going into Journalism. I want to record our world and it’s people. Since Edinburgh is a crowing jewel let’s get talking and capture what being here really means.



I want to know:

Your Stories:

Edinburgh Underground wants your stories. No matter how short or long, whether you want to talk to me over Skype, come to my soon-to-be-constructed studio, or email me and I’ll write it up as a blog post.

Your Events:

Have a gig coming up or are you fundraising for an amazing cause? I’ll come along with my camera and take some snaps, offer a quick interview and then post it on this website for all to see. If you’d like to promote your event before hand, just send me some material and I’ll do my thing.

Your Causes:

Are you passionate about something? Is there a public issue that isn’t being heard? Speak to me and we can find a way to get it out there.



Contact ryanlattowrites@gmail.com for more information or click here.