Podcast: #GetTalking


Edinburgh is a city rich in art, history, science and mystery. It’s a city carved from volcanic rock and home to nearly 500,000 people. Whoever you are and whatever you do, Edinburgh is your home.

As I created Edinburgh Underground a few years ago I realised that people made up the stories of the city. It was the people I met that brought to light old stories; perspective s on the politics of the day; insights about hidden attractions, and educate me on the folklore and mysteries surrounding the city.

Edinburgh Underground will be your city podcast. With complete creative freedom and with the help of friends and followers, I want to provide you with a service; enlightening you about the real Edinburgh. It’s time we listened to the beat of the city and discovered what it has to say.

I will be crowdfunding in hopes of raising the funds to get this project off the ground and start recording episodes within the next few months. If you want to be a part of this contact me on ryanlattowrites@gmail.com or call 07507356575.


I need your help to make this the most entertaining, enlightening and exceptional city podcast ever. Bringing a voice to the people, from the people, of the people. Edinburgh Underground #DiscoverAnother




About the Author

Edinburgh based writer and freelance journalist. Ryan Latto created Edinburgh Underground to help him investigate the city he loves. With a passion for travel, people and history; Edinburgh is the best city for him to be in.